I Don't Have Time To Exercise
I'll be the first to admit that exercise, more often than not, is lacking in my life. Why? Well, like everyone, I have a long list of excuses:
I don't have time.
I don't enjoy it.
I'm too tired.
I'm too out of shape.
These are just a few of my more common reasons. But the fact is, when I take time to exercise on a regular basis, I feel SO much better!  As a busy stay at home, work at home, homeschool mom, finding the right time to exercise can be interesting.  I don't like an audience, so I need a peaceful, uninterrupted time.  Even then, I want it to be quick.  
Here are a few ways I have found to easily fit exercise into my schedule without it "interfering" with my life:
  • Use an app on the phone.  
    • One of my favorites is the Daily Yoga app.  It has a variety of yoga routines to fit everyone from beginner to advanced.  
    • My daughter likes to use the Workout for Women app (7M Women).  It has a variety of workouts that can be done in just 7 minutes.  She and I like to do some of these together, giving me an accountability partner.
  • Take a family walk or hike.  Just 20 min a day can do wonders for you!  Not only are you getting some exercise, you are also getting fresh air!
  • Take a family bike ride.
  • Pinterest.  Man, there are sooooo many options!
  • Online.  These days you can find anything online, right?  That goes for personal trainers too.  No need to go to the gym, you can pull up a video or site and get to work!
  • Clean the house.  Yep, that's right..think it's not exercise?  Think again!  While it's not full blown exercise, it is considered a mild form of it.  Add it to a regular routine of exercise and you're on to something!  Here's an interesting article you can read about it. 
These are all fairly simple ways to get started.  Once you adjust to short spurts of activity, you can add to it and really get your body moving!  Remember to drink water as you move.  I love adding a drop of Peppermint to mine to help refresh my body and keep me moving!

Interested in more ways to stay healthy?  Check out my FREE guide on ways adopting a more natural lifestyle can change your life.  Bonus: Immune Boosting Rollerball Recipe!

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