Homestead Aprons

Homestead Aprons
I have a new fun project that I just can't get enough of...ok, maybe it's more than just one new project.  I've been busy making aprons.  It all started with a cute little egg gathering apron, then I found an adorable harvest apron.  I shared pictures of them because I LOVE the fabrics and how they all came together.  Then that lead to making yet another cute apron!

One of my goals with homesteading is to find practical things to use around the home.  I find it a big bonus when it's something I can be crafty with.

Egg Gathering Apron
First, let's talk about this adorable egg gathering apron.  What a neat idea!  It has pockets for up to a dozen eggs.  Perfect for daily gathering of fresh eggs.  After sharing a few that I made, I was commissioned to make a toddler size apron.  How fun!!  Instead of making an apron that would quickly be outgrown, I opted to make a grow-with-me apron.  It fits toddler-child sizes and is a great way to let your littles help you with egg gathering.  No more smashed eggs in little toddler pant pockets (yes, this is why I was asked to make a toddler size!).

Shown here are the 2 different sizes.  The smaller one folds up so that the toddler size has just the top row of pockets.  What a fun mommy and me gift set!

Harvest Apron
Next up, the super fun harvest apron.  I can't get enough of this one!  There are SOOOO many cute fabric options.  I have been told that they also work great for egg gathering, which makes this one perfect for any homestead mom!  This multi-purpose apron can be used for gardening and egg gathering.  How neat is that?!

I have made so many adorable fabric combos with this one.  I basically want to keep one of each of them.  But, I have limited myself to just 2.  After all, if one gets dirty, I need time to get it all washed up and ready to use again without having to do without one for the next days' harvest.

Full Apron with Pockets
The latest edition to my apron making is a full apron with a bib.  It even has pockets on each side!  Sadly, I don't have as good of a picture to share with this one.  I was on a bit of a time crunch so I considered myself lucky to even snap a pic.  This particular one is custom made and a plus size.  It comes in all sizes from adult small all the way up to a 3xl.  Super cute!

If you would like to custom order an apron, please send me a message!  Message Amanda

If you would like to make your own, I'll share some links below.  I did make some adjustments on the egg gathering apron, but there are several great patterns you can use.  

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