Can you start a homestead with nothing?
Can you start a homestead with nothing?  I recently began my homesteading journey...well, actually it started about 14 years ago, I just didn't realize that's what I was doing.  So, I'm living proof that starting a homestead from nothing is possible!  The answer is a definite "YES!"

First, let's define what a homestead is. The type of homesteading I'm referring to is where you live a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.  It usually involves some type of gardening, food preservation, chickens and other livestock, and usually craftiness for either personal use or to sell as a profit.

As I said, I "accidentally" started my homesteading journey 14 years ago due to some special dietary needs in my family.  Gardening and canning were my first ventures.  And, no, we didn't own our own land.  Then my skills, desires, and plans all gradually expanded over the next several years.  And now, here I am becoming a full-blown homesteader (with livestock too!) and still not owning my own land. (we'll get more into that later)

Here are some ways you can consider as you are getting started.
The first step is to assess what you have access to so that you can get things going.  Some things to consider are:
  • Do you own your land?
  • How much space do you have to work with? (even if you don't own land)
  • What is most important to you as you get started? (preserving food, livestock, chickens for eggs, gardening?)
  • When it comes to growing your own food, do you have land to use?  A greenhouse?  A windowseal?
  • If considering livestock, what kind?  What do you need to get started?  What breed is best for your needs?
  • Are there any skills you need to learn in the process?
  • What connections do you have in your community?  What support can they offer?  Do they have things you can use as you get things going?
  • Embrace a mindset of resourcefulness: repurposing materials, bartering for goods or services, finding ways to stretch your resources further.
  • Stay flexible and adaptable.  Homesteading often throws lots of curveballs, challenges, and setbacks.  By learning to be flexible and adaptable, you will be able to adjust your plans as needed while still staying focused on your long-term goals.
Once you have considered all of these things, you are on your way to becoming a homesteader.  One step at a time is all it takes!  And I'll be here with you every step of it!

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