6 Terrific Reasons To Be Happy
In today's society, it seems almost impossible to always be happy...truly happy.  There is so much negativity around us, often even within our own homes, that happiness seems to be fleeting and hard to find.  I want to take a moment to encourage you to find your path to happiness.  But first, let's define happiness according to Merriam Webster Dictionary:
ba pleasurable or satisfying experience

Now, let's take a look at some terrific reasons to be happy:
  1. Happy people attract happy people.  Have you ever noticed that just one bad mood can ruin it for everyone else in the room?  The same applies to happiness.  One person with a cheerful attitude can help all those around to feel happier.  Go ahead, try it and you'll see!
  2. It can improve your health.  There are several studies done on this, and though it is hard to prove, the results clearly show that happiness can improve your overall health.  I don't know about you, but I'll take it!
  3. Lower stress levels.  Positive emotions can help to broaden your perspective and encourages new ideas.  This can help you keep the stress at bay when you are confronted with, well, anything!  Business, home, life...
  4. More productivity.  Those who are happy tend to have better focus and motivation, therefore making them more productive in their tasks, which also means they are more likely to reach their goals.
  5. Happier people tend to take care of their bodies better, which could also be why they are happier!  Nutrition, exercise, mental health...it all works together.  If you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, it helps to produce endorphins, which aid in happiness.  Did you know that this is one reason we often crave chocolate?  Yep, eating chocolate can help produce those feel-good endorphins.  More chocolate please!!
  6. Better relationships.  This takes us back to #1, people enjoy being around happy people.  Therefore, it stands to reason that you will have better, healthier relationships with others.  We need each other.  Being with others is part of what makes us tick (even if you're an introvert like me).  So, here's to better relationships and spreading happiness all around
There are many different studies done on this topic and though it isn't fully understood, it's fairly evident that happiness can improve your overall quality of life!  

Want some more tips on learning to choose happiness?  Check out this link for info on a 21 day happiness challenge

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