Being Intentional About Family Time With Teens In The House
As a stay at home/work from home mom who also homeschools you would think that means we get plenty of family time.  Sometimes I think the opposite is just as true.  We are in the same house (or wherever we go) basically 24/7, which means we tend to *think* we have more than enough family time.  But in truth, we have to put in a special effort to have "real" quality family time.  Just because we are together physically doesn't mean that we are fully interacting and enjoying our time together.

My husband and I have worked hard to ensure we get quality family time as often as we can.  One thing we do is eat our main meal together every night. Yes, there are a few times when our schedules conflict a little and we have to eat in shifts.  But for the most part, we all sit around the dinner table, phones aside, and enjoy each others company over a home cooked meal.  It may only last about 30 minutes, but that's still 30 minutes of focused time together.

We also like to have a family movie/game night every Friday night as we have our dinner.  As the kids get older, this is a bit harder to do because they sometimes get together with their friends.  I consider it growing pains. This whole "letting go" part of parenting isn't my favorite.  It's just one more reason to cherish each family game/movie night we get even more.

Other than meals and family nights, we try to go out hiking, to the zoo, or some other fun outing as often as we can.  Sometimes we have another family join us, sometimes it's just us.  But it's always a great way to get out doors and spend some more quality time together while doing something we all enjoy.

No matter what your schedule is like, whether you work from home or away from home, have little kids or teenagers, being intentional about quality family time is something you will never regret.  After all, our time with our loved ones is so short so let's make the most of it!

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