What We Do for Seasonal Allergy Support
It's that time of year again when things are in full bloom.  Though it can be beautiful to see the new life after a cold winter, it can also reek havoc on our bodies.  Seasonal allergies can get the best of us all.  It's no fun.  Eyes are itchy and watery, noses run and at the same time are stuffy, we are extra tired, have a hard time breathing, the list goes on.

A few years ago I was that person who took over the counter meds because if I didn't, I was feeling miserable. But I also felt groggy from taking the meds, which I didn't like.  I just didn't know there was another way.

Then, one day after my daughter had been in for an allergy test, a family friend introduced us to the power of God's creation.  We were invited to a class that opened up our eyes to the beauty of what one drop of pure essential oils could do.  You see, we had dabbled in essential oils before, the kind you buy at any ole store.  Guess what, I wasn't impressed.  They didn't quite meet up to what I knew they should be able to do.  However, once I learned the difference between purity, planting, harvesting, distilling (read more about that here)...the works, I knew that what we were just introduced to was so much better!

Long story short, we purchased what we needed and instantly were amazed.  I actually didn't realize how much better we were feeling until we ran out of the essential oils.  We noticed a difference that first day we were without them.  This was after just ONE week of using them...and already a night and day difference.  So, I quickly ordered more and vowed to NEVER run out of these 3 amazing essential oils again.  Seven years later and they are still staples in our household. 

Now that you have a little bit of a back story, let me introduce you to the three essential oils that made me a full believer in quality grown, harvested, and distilled plants in nature.  Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint.  That's the "magic" trio for my family.  Lemon helps us so much with that nasty mucous buildup we get.  We like to put a drop of lemon in our water (yummy!) or combine it in a vegetable capsule with equal amounts of lavender and peppermint. Why lavender?  We soon learned that it has natural qualities of an antihistamine.  So, we use it to help dry things up.  And peppermint, wow...it has done such wonders in opening up our noses.  One big whiff and we are breathing more freely!

Before you go too far down the trail of why we should not use these essential oils internally, let me tell you that we have a Vitality line that is approved for ingestion.  Yep, our essential oils are THAT pure!  So, 3 drops of lemon, lavender, and peppermint in a capsule when the world is in bloom all around us, and we are able to enjoy nature again!

To learn more about the essential oils we use, click here or reach out to me via email or social media. I love having oily chats!!
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