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A huge part of our path to better health and wellness started over 15 years ago. We just had our 2nd baby, a beautiful baby girl. She started out healthy, but after just 1 month she fell below the charts. It took some time (and trying to convince the doctor) but we finally figured out what the problem was. She had severe thrush, which is why she wouldn’t nurse or take a bottle, it hurt too much. This lead her to become undernourished, which I believe to be the root cause of many of her current dietary needs. 

Fast forward a few years…It was fairly common for her to have out-of-the-blue high temps for no apparent reason. By high I mean 104-105 temps. That’s pretty scary for a mom, especially when you have no answers. The doctors didn’t seem too concerned. This happened until she was about 3 years old. By the time she was 5 she was getting blood in her urine, another problem that took time to figure out. 

I won’t go into the rest of the story here, instead I’ll direct you to my daughter’s blog (herewhere she gives more details about her diagnosis. After reading her post, you will see why it became so important for us to do what we could to take her health, the health of our whole family, into our own hands. We have done loads of research and lots of trial and error. We now feel that, thanks to a few life-changing events back in 2014 (more on this later), we are on the right track.  We still have our moments of not knowing what to eat or what steps to take next, but we're making progress! 

Read my daughter’s story here. 

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