Finding the right balance in life can be quite tricky, especially for stay at home moms who wear many hats.  But there is hope!  You may have seen the "life balance wheel" that has different areas in life that you rate to see where you are off balance.  This helps you determine what areas need more focus so that you can bring them back into balance.

I find this tool very helpful, but in itself it won't tell you how to bring those areas back into balance (more on this later).  I have narrowed the areas down a bit and found what I consider to be the main areas many moms find themselves to be off-balance in.  They are: personal growth, relationships, health, self care, business, and finance.  Everything in your life will likely fit into one of these categories.  

Now, what do you do once you have determined what areas you need to work on?  You hone in on the specific area that needs help and focus on bringing it back into balance.  You make a plan, keeping in mind that you want to maintain balance where you already have it.  This can all seem a bit overwhelming, right?  That's why I'm super excited about my upcoming course to help busy, stressed, overwhelmed moms bring their life of chaos back into balance! Yes, there is hope and I'm here to help you!

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