Some Days Just Don't Go As Planned, And That's Okay!
Originally today's post was going to be all about mindset and why it matters.  But the truth is, things have been super crazy lately and that means things get a little off balance.   That's all okay, because in all reality, the wheel is never fully balanced.  It rotates and there will be times one area needs a bit more help than others.  For me right now, that area is health.

A week or so ago I was told by a friend about a holistic practitioner in the area.  I didn't really think I had anything major to go in for but wanted to get my foot in the door and knew it had been a while since I'd had a good checkup.  So I scheduled an appointment.  That appointment was today.  The news wasn't quite as I expected.  I fully thought she'd agree that I'm premenopausal (which she did) and that I have a few gut issues going on.  My thought was that it was just "normal" things that a good cleanse could take care of.  No biggie.

Though these are all areas that came up, it wasn't necessarily for the reasons I expected.  So, what exactly is going on?  Lyme Disease.  The funny thing is that, though it hadn't really crossed my mind that I had it, I also wasn't super surprised.  I live in central Oklahoma and the ticks can be thick at times.  So, yes, I've had tick bites before.  However, it's been a while so I was surprised that it's something that is just now coming up (which I also found out isn't so uncommon).

What now?  Thankfully, since I'm already health-conscious and try to give my body what it needs, this process should go a little faster than the projected 11+ months that it can take.  
Step #1 is to open up the drainage system.
Step #2 is to kill off all parasites.  Thankfully she said I really don't have a lot to deal with here.  That's a big plus!
Step #3 is a series of steps to actually kill off the Lyme Disease.

I'm feeling pretty confident about the action steps we are taking and I can't wait to heal my body from the inside out.  It's so important to listen to you bodies and find ways to treat the core issues, not just the symptoms.  Like I said above, I felt I needed to go in but not for anything major.  But I was also relieved to have the appointment set just to know what all is going on.  And you better believe I'm happy that I didn't put it off any longer.  Now we can head things off quickly and get my body back to where it needs to be.

As for mindset, well, it plays a part here too...having a positive attitude when healing the body is a must!  The results will be so much better when you face things with a positive outlook.  Stay tuned for my original blog on why mindset matters...and having a healthy body is just one reason why!
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