Parasite Cleanse
First Full Moon Cleanse
3-days: March 17-19
I just completed my first parasite cleanse.  Thankfully it was fairly easy on my body.  It was a Cellcore Full Moon Cleanse.  I continued with my regular regimen of supplements during the cleanse.  But I added the Para 1 and Para 2.  Other than a little bit more of a bowel movement when I had them (at least 1-2 times a day), there really were no changes.  I didn't disect anything, so I don't know what all was expelled.  But I did notice some of the mucous-like coating and little bits here and there that I am certain were little parasites.  

Since my body handled it so well, I will possibly do a 5-day cleanse next month on the full moon.  Getting rid of those pesky things is a key part of healing the body!


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