& Lyme Disease
More info coming soon!
I haven't really started on a specific nutrition plan for Lyme Disease just yet.  However, I have been doing a lot of research and talking with my practitioner so that we can get me on the right track.  I'll be updating this area with recipes and other info I come across along the way.

Let me also use this moment to say that I'm working on my Nutrition Coach Certification so that I can better help other moms when it comes to special dietary needs.  I have been proactive in this area for 12+ years now.  It's been that long since my daughter was diagnosed with Hyperoxaluria...and there was NO one who could help me with it, not even a dietician we were referred to.  At the time, there was also very little information on the internet to help.  Add to that all of our food allergies, MTHFR (hubby), ATP (son), and we have quite the mix of dietary needs! 

I'm super excited to get my certification and learn even more about health and nutrition!
Coming Soon!
Nutrition Coaching
With 12+ years of experience in nutritional research and providing for the needs of all 5 family members with various dietary needs, it's time to help YOU know how to provide for your family's nutritional needs as well.


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