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My daughter was diagnosed with hyperoxaluria when she was 5 years old. This meant putting her on a low sodium, low oxalate diet. Finding foods she could eat seemed near impossible. Even the dietitian couldn't help us. This forced me to "become an expert" in the field so that I could provide what my child needed.  

A few years later, we realized that I had several food allergies as well.  Top that off with my husband being diagnosed with MTHFR and a thyroid goiter, then finding out I have Lyme disease and one of our sons is dealing with a few health issues that also mean a special diet. This has all taken our dietary needs to a whole new level.  Just how does a family of 5, with at least 4 different dietary needs, make it work so that I'm not in the kitchen all the time and making every single person their own specified meal?  

Over the years I've found ways to mesh together all of our dietary needs, providing something for everyone without spending extra time in the kitchen.  My mission is to help other busy moms juggle the chaos of special dietary needs, working from home, homeschool, and whatever else life throws at them, without all the added stress and overwhelm.

I have been certified as a health and nutrition coach so that I can better help you on your journey (you can find a list of my other certifications here).  I now take all that I have learned over the past 10+ years and lay it out in manageable steps so that you, too, can find balance among the chaos.

All of these things have allowed us to take care of our health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and share what's important to our family with others.  Step by step, one thing at a time, and life has become so much easier to handle. It's all about finding balance among the chaos of daily life...and it IS possible!

Are you ready to have a more balanced life?  Let's chat! 


I am a wife, mother, coach, and entrepreneur who can 
help you find balance among the chaos of daily life.

My Mission

My mission is to help moms rediscover themselves.  As a wife and mother, I found that 
I had somehow lost myself along the way. I always dreamed of being a wife and mother, 
but doing it daily and being so focused on the needs of everyone around me, I somehow 
lost a bit of my own identity along the way.  I'm sure you have heard it said that you 
can't pour from an empty cup.  I've been working towards filling my cup, and even 
have it overflowing, for the past few years and now I'm eager to help you do the same!
Amanda is Certified in the Following:
Health & Nutrition
Aroma Freedom Technique
Organization Specialist
Master Life Coach
Master Mindset Life Coach

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