Essential Oil Supplies

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Why I love these bottles:
  • They have a beautiful color, making them fun as gifts!
  • They can be filled with your favorite essential oil blends and are super easy to use.
More about this product:
  • The Essential oil glass bottle is made of corrosion-resistant glass which makes it thick, smooth and shockproof. The oil bottle protects essential oil against harmful UV rays to save it from quick volatilization. 
  • The roll balls are made of Stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and well-made. The tightness prevents any sort of leakage. 
  • Silver caps with a plated aluminium alloy cap, which fits tightly and can effectively prevent any liquid leakage.
Fractionaed Coconut oil is great to keep on hand for all of those DIY projects!

  • Fractionated coconut is perfect for diluting stronger essential oils because it is both odorless and colorless. 
  • It’s perfect for both hair and skin! 

These are great to have on hand to reuse empty 5 or 15 ml essential oil bottles. 

  • Recycle your empty EO bottles with this fine mist sprayer replacement pump


These work wonderfully for laundry detergent!

  • Accurate dispensing lock-Down pump prevents mess and spills
  • Height 10 3/4"(OPEN) 9 3/4"(CLOSED), 3" Diameter 

These are great for DIY hand soaps!


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