The Aroma Freedom Technique
Created by Benjamin Perkus, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Benjamin Perkus has over 20 years of clinical experience and he also has used essential oils for many years. After studying many of the traditional and alternative methods of change, he integrated all of his findings into the simple, process that we call The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).

Benefits of AFT
The purpose of AFT is to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.   Sometimes we feel stuck, confused, or unable to move forward towards the life we want.  Some of us may feel like we are doing well in certain areas of life but are not where we want to be in others. 
Whatever area you are feeling blocked in, AFT can help you release what is holding you back.

Clearing Negative Thoughts

When we are worried about the future, or remembering painful experiences, or not sure what to do to reach our dreams, then we are unable to fully enjoy life or to accomplish things.  The problem lies in where our mind is taking us, and our emotions follow.

Where do these negative thoughts come from?  AFT is built on the understanding that when we have a painful experience, our subconscious mind develops negative thoughts as a way to protect ourselves from future pain.  We all have developed probably hundreds if not thousands of negative beliefs in our lifetimes, and these work below the level of consciousness and rear up whenever we do something that feels at all threatening.  
Using Essential Oils
With AFT you can actually dissolve the negative thoughts with essential oils.   By following the trail back to the original painful memory that gave rise to the negative thought, we identify the source of our inner resistance.  Then, using the AFT Process, the memory complex is gently dissolved by smelling specific essential oils at the right time.  As this happens, the negative thoughts disappear and are replaced by confidence, peace, and an inner knowing of what you need to do to reach your goals.
Smell and Memory

The sense of smell is also very closely linked to memory.   We know this to be true because we have all had the experience of a smell reminding us of a very specific memory from childhood.  Whether it is the smell of cookies reminding us of being in grandma’s kitchen, or even the smell of gasoline reminding us of helping our father fix cars in the garage, the scent immediately triggers these emotionally laden memories.  In fact, studies have shown that smell will trigger earlier and more emotionally charged memories than the same trigger presented visually or in words. Because of its close association with memory, the sense of smell is particularly well suited for processing and releasing the memory complexes that we identify with The Aroma Freedom Technique.
People have known for generations that smelling pleasant aromas is a wonderful way to relax body, mind, and spirit.  The discovery that aromas can also dissolve memory complexes opens up a whole new world for people who want to make lasting changes in their lives.

Essential Oils
The scents we use to dissolve memory complexes with AFT come from Essential Oils.   Essential Oils are natural compounds that are distilled or pressed from fresh, organic plants.  They are extremely powerful and concentrated.  It takes 75 Lemons to make one bottle of Lemon oil.  The scent that comes from essential oils are naturally balanced and complex.  Lavender may have up to 300 different chemical constituents.  This means that the aroma can trigger memories and other reactions in the brain in a very balanced way.  In The Aroma Freedom Technique we use specific oils that Dr. Perkus chose through years of experience.  There is more and more scientific research coming out to support the use of oils in supporting mental and emotional balance.   For instance, scientists have discovered a specific compound in Frankincense that triggers ion channels in the brain, giving it a calming and centering effect.  Vanilla, which is in the Young Living Stress Away blend, has been shown to have a positive effect on brain chemistry, and Lavender is well known for its soothing effects.
Different Techniques

There are different interlocking techniques in the AFT arsenal. Each targets a different area in which we might be stuck.  

For a memory that feels incomplete, unresolved, or still emotionally charged, we use the Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT).  
For a current situation that is creating feelings of being stuck, worried, or overwhelmed, then we use the Aroma Reset Technique.
For a goal we want to achieve in the future, we use The Aroma Freedom Technique.   AFT will reach into the present or past to clear anything that is interfering with achieving this goal.

More recent additions are:
Aroma Boost which is a shorter version of AFT that clears emotions quickly but is a bit more powerful than the Aroma Reset. It is used to help you get into your action steps and feel empowered and inspired.  It works well when used in a moment of doubt or stress, to help you clear your mind and move forward in a positive manner.
Aroma Clear is the newest addition.  It is used to clear out what is causing a reaction in the present moment.
Power Pose

By saying the affirmation while smelling an essential oil, we create a link between the positive emotion, positive belief, and the aroma of the oil.  When combined with a power pose, this primes us for success both mentally and physiologically. We create an effective way to shift our whole attitude and approach to life.
You can find more on the study here.
Why Young Living Oils?

One last note – we exclusively use Young Living Essential Oils in the Aroma Freedom Technique for a few reasons.  First, it is important that any essential oil that you are inhaling deeply be completely pure, with no additives, pesticides, or synthetic chemicals.  In order to be sure of this, you need to know that the entire process of oil production, from the proper seed all the way through the cultivation, distillation, testing and packaging phases, is carefully monitored.  Third, the blends that we use in AFT such as Stress Away, Inner Child, and Release, have been formulated by Dr. Gary Young, who created the blends based on very clear intentions and years of experience.   Finally, we want to make sure that people experience consistent results from The Aroma Freedom Technique.  It was developed using Young Living Essential Oils so we stick to that standard. 

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