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Hello there!
I am a wife and mother of three.  Between homeschool, keeping up around the house, and working from home, life can get a bit chaotic!  And that's not even getting into the special dietary needs we have.  

My mission is to bring peace to busy moms, showing them that putting God and family first play a key role.  

So, grab a hot cup of coffee, your Bible (and journal!), diffuse that calming scent, and let's chat!


I'm passionate about
Helping Mom's find 
themselves through...
  • Faith
  • Relaxing the mind
  • Discovering what's important to them


& Wellness

Wouldn't it be 
great if there 
was a support 
group for moms 
like you?

Join a FREE community
for moms like you!
A group for moms who want to make a bigger impact and find peace along the way.  We focus on encouragement and helping each other through the daily struggles we may face while raising our kids.
~special dietary needs
~strong-willed child
~work from home
~faith & scripture


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